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Microsoft Surface Case - Marble Art

Surface Case
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QuickFold Design - allows the Type Cover to be  folded up in a sec

Premium Folio - The outside is vegan leather that keeps scratches and smudges off your device, and the interior is soft and won't scratch your surface.

Protection Matters - This case wraps around your Surface and latches with a magnet,  leaving all ports open and full functionality of the kickstand intact and keyboard support.

Never Lose Your Stylus Again - All ports remain open, and there's a Surface Pen attach point, so you don't leave it behind.

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Beautiful and classic
Very nice
It?�?s great!
Very good fit for the surface!
Fits like a glove


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Monogrammed or Personalized Item

The beauty of the monogramming is that once an item is personalised it is created and marked especially for you! Unfortunately, this means that we are unable to accept exchanges or refunds if you change your mind about your purchase.

This premium folio case features an ultra slim and lightweight design while giving you broad choices of exterior design to express your personal style. In addition, it’s made of a premium vegan leather exterior and microfiber interior to offer a great protection for your surface. It will not cover your screen bezels, so it will not interfere with your gesture swipes or your Surface Type Cover. You can use this case with or without the Surface Type Cover. This case also has a built-in pen attach point for storing your Surface Pen securely, so you don't leave it behind.

Vegan Leather, Microfiber, Polycarbonate



Ask a Question
  • i just bought a brand new surface pro. Will it fit it?

    this case is Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 / Pro 4 / Pro 3. If you can let us know the specific model of the tablet, we will identify the model and recommend the correct case. Thanks.

  • Can you bend it back so it doesn\'t stick out past the keyboard when attached?

    Yes your stand on the back would be able to go back that far so the keyboard lines up with the edge of the cover. Actually when sitting in my chair with it on my lap that is the best angle to have it at for me atleast. Or if you want a different angle you can fold the cover right there under the keyboard. Also if you remove your keyboard and use it as a tablet and fold the edge of the cover over it creates a stop edge for the tablet to not open to far. It really is very versital to work with your needs with or without the keyboard. It's a great cover and I highly recommend it.

  • Hi. Would this case cause the Surface pro 4 to over heat due to the full coverage?

    I have not had any issues at all. I keep the case on 24/7 with it hooked to a dock for my screens at work and then to use as laptop at home. So far this case has been great!

  • Does the cover have proper vent holes?

    Yes, it has all of the proper hole with the laptop

  • Is this a fabric cover or vinyl?

    It's vinyl on the outside, but suede on the inside. It is very high quality. I really like the one I got. However, there seem to be two varieties, with one a bit longer than the other. Choose the bigger of the two. I did, and it is much better. It will hold your keyboard as well, and has a thingy for the pen.

  • Can you bend the kickstand All the way back when it is in the case

    Almost all the way. I used this case and it actually slightly bent my kickstand. Now that I switched back to my Targus (better case, I just don't like it) the kickstand will not snap in place in the case due to this bend.

  • is Keyboard included?

    No, keyboard is not included with the case. But this case works with or without the surface pro type cover keyboard.

  • My stand snapped off, will the case\'s support bend if I accidentally press it down or sit on it, and what is the support part made of?

    The entire thing is made of a firm, slightly padded printed material that is segmented to fit the Surface Pro. Once it's attached properly, it should be snug enough to hold it in the standing position, but it was made to work in conjunction with the Surface Pro's stand. I would imagine if it is full did in the closed position and you accidentally sat on it on a flat surface it would be fine, but I would not try it with too much weight on anything that might bend it. Mine has performed perfectly, but I have not sat on it. 

  • can you bend the case back to use in tablet mode and keep the keyboard attached?

    Yes. It works very well that way. Be sure to pull the keyboard flat, it has a tendency to also stick to the bottom of the screen. This is in addition to where it attaches on the edge slots.

  • Does it have a pen holder?

    Yes. There is a loop on the side, made of a stretchy band material, which holds your pen.

  • I want to turn by surface more into a laptop for typing on my belly when laying down. Will this do the trick or should I buy a solid keyboard instead?

    This cover will definitely provide a bit more stability to the bottom of the keyboard to make it slightly better as a lap (or belly) computer. However, I don't think there is enough stability for belly computing. I recently purchased a Brydge 12.3 keyboard, which is metal and solid and is an example of a solid keyboard replacement that is made of metal and definitely adds weight and stability to the Surface. The reason why there are issues as a pure "lap"top is that the weight is all in the tablet side, so it's top heavy. The Brydge (and other solid keyboards) add more weight distribution to either equalize or put the most weight on the keyboard instead, increasing stability. The Brydge also has options for additional storage through an SD drive contained in the keyboard case.

    The Brydge costs $130 however... and that's without the additional SD storage. If that price doesn't scare you, then it is a nice stable keyboard and will do what you want. But in reality, the case here is 10% of the cost, and provides some nice protection features - and some more stability than without. So you might want to by this cover and see if it works for you before moving up.

    Long answer yes, but I figured the additional information would be helpful

  • Is this good for drop protection?

    Yeah, dropped it a few times. All good

  • will this case help prevent it from collapsing when at a 90 degree angle?

    Yes it's pretty sturdy

  • How much protection does this case provide against drops?

    The cover is designed to keep the tablet from being scratched. It looks and feels more like a portfolio, so it’s not designed for drop protection.

  • Can you attach the Surface Dock with the cover still on?

    I have one that attaches via the power adapter port and yes it works.

  • Will this fit new surface pro 6

    the case is designed for Microsoft Surface Pro 7/6/5/4/3 12.3-inch Tablet, 

  • Is it vegan friendly

    Yes, the case is made of Premium vegan leather exterior and soft microfiber interior.

  • Is this a waterproof?

    The outside is water resistant. And washable with a cloth. The inside is fabric and the ends are exposed.

  • Does this cover allow you to use the surface tablet on your lap?


  • Will I be able to fold back the cover along with the keyboard (without detaching the keyboard) to use the surface pro in tablet mode.

    Yes! That is one of the features I like best about this one

  • Can it be used and operated without keyboard?

    Yes, I don’t have a keyboard and this case works perfectly for my Surface pro!

  • Do you have to remove the keyboard when closing the case?

    No. The keyboard fold against the screen and closes.

  • Can this be used with a dock?

    Yes, there is plenty of clearance for the dock interface to plug into the surface.

  • Does the case make it bulky?

    Not too much. Buy with confidence

  • how does this close?

    Push back the screen and close it down

  • will the kickstand go all the way down on this cover?

    Yes, it will

  • Inside of the top cover has been getting slightly dirty. How can i clean it without ruining the material?

    You can clean it with solution of hand cleaner or dish washing detergent and damp cloth.

  • Do the cut outs leave enough room for the new magnetic pen that does not have a clip?

    It actually has an elastic loop on top with which to keep the pen.

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